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The Vortrell Story

Custom Home Interior Design Singapore

To build a quality home, it is important to have the right interior design, home furniture, and home lighting – and Vortrell is here to make a quality home available for all.

Building the home of your dreams can be easy. An emulation and representation of your style and identity, your dream home can become a reality with our custom home interior design services in Singapore.

Remodeling your house based off a design or layout you have seen in a decor magazine or lookbook can be an easy way of managing the interior design of your home. But why do that when you can have customised home interior design from our professionals in Singapore? Hiring an experienced interior designer gives you access to resources, professional advice on the overall design layout as well as an optimised process where you ultimately save costs in the long run.

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Customised & Top-Quality: Interior Design Experts in Singapore

Store bought furnishings and pieces can only do so much to give your home that truly distinct and unique touch. Have you ever envisioned a specific type of art piece or coffee table that can give your living room that character you desire? Engaging the services of a professional designer can give you lead time to plan towards building a custom home complete with the interior design you dream of in Singapore.

Vortrell offers a full suite of customised interior design in Singapore – from collecting data and research to create a new brand concept just for you to ensuring a high-quality service throughout the process. Interior designers pay attention to detail, work on all home elements regularly for other clients, and have a good sense of colour and fabric choices. Hence, engaging a designer to create customised interior design for your home in Singapore will result in a beautifully arranged, unique, and cohesive design.

Want A Custom Home? Call Our Interior Design Specialists in Singapore

We believe deeply in providing our clients with the best services and highest quality designs to ensure that they get a beautiful and functionally-made home that fits them well. As advocates of quality living, we want to help you build your custom home with our interior design ideas and services in Singapore.

On top of that, our experiential showroom allows you to see how a piece of furniture will work in your space and our experts will be able to answer all your questions too. Before you decide on a furniture purchase, taking a look at our experiential showroom enables you to have a hands-on experience.

To get an insight into our services and some commonly asked queries, please click through to our FAQ page.


Quality designer furniture products and services who seek to live in a quality home.

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