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Custom Lighting Services in Singapore

When it comes to designing your home, not only are the furniture sets and colour palettes for the rooms important, but picking the right type of lighting as well as mounting platforms can make a big difference in how the interiors of your home turn out.

Many homeowners often make the mistake of overlooking the style, type and placement of the lighting in their houses, only to realise that it does not match their needs or look the way they had envisioned it when they first bought their house. This is where our custom lighting services in Singapore comes in handy. We can help you create the type of environment you desire.

Comfortable, rustic, bright, or cosy – our custom lighting will revamp the atmosphere of your home. For our services, contact our team in Singapore for a free design consultation.

We provide customizable lighting solutions to you with our team of professional designers. Our products range from ceiling lights to floor lamps using only LED light source.


Custom Lighting Services: Ideas To Spark Light in Your Home in Singapore

Aside from important factors such as visibility and convenience, custom lighting can easily have a dramatic impact in your space. Simply by using custom lighting, you will be able to transform the same living space to have differing atmosphere; be it a work space, a calm spot for reading and relaxing or an elevated hosting area for events.

Not only does Vortrell offer interior design, but our team of professionals are equally adept and experienced in pairing your interior design needs with custom lighting services in Singapore. Furniture, paint colour, and arrangement all play a big part in transforming a living space but custom lighting can take the design up a notch. Some of the ways you can play with custom lighting in your house includes:

  1. Highlighting parts of a space, for example, the stairway with LED lights
  2. Using pendant lights for visual appeal in your living room
  3. Switching between white lights and warm light for a glow in the bedroom

To understand more about our services, we encourage our clients to come down to an experiential showroom where they can see the seamless combination of custom lighting and smart interior design.


Contact Us Today For Custom Lighting Services in Singapore

A quality home is one that has the right interior design choices, custom lighting and the right furniture to complement the homeowner’s lifestyle and needs. Learn more about our process here. Interested customers can also take a look at the different lighting options we provide here.