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Renovating in Singapore? Interior Design Space Planning is Important

Interior design may not be for everyone. Renovating your home is also a huge financial investment that ideally should go as planned! As specialists in Singapore, we understand that most of our clients who have recently bought a house with their spouses come with a range of questions about how the process of interior design space planning goes as well as to enquire if their existing ideas can work for their home layouts.

As interior design specialists, we believe that our value-add in an already competitive market is through the sharing of insights. For quality, well-researched, fresh and unique interior design ideas, our team of experts are available for a free interior design consultation in Singapore.


Contemporary Home Design Singapore

In comparison, the contemporary style of home design is one that is reflective of current and future trends, be it in Singapore or elsewhere. Are you inclined to pick minimalist and clean designs? Contemporary home design styles are probably your cup of tea. If you are planning to renovate your home in Singapore, our interior design specialists can discuss the available options and process with you during a free design consultation.

In terms of colour, contemporary palettes often rotate around blacks, whites and shades of grey. Choosing a contemporary home design aesthetic does not necessarily confine you to a purely monochromatic palette. At times, homeowners incorporate a strong solid cobalt blue, indigo or red that is saturated against the monochromatic furnishings.

Though the modern and contemporary home design styles differ in colour palette and inspirations, they are both essentially designs that appeal to minimalist, fresh and open-space home layouts in Singapore.

Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore

If you are a fan of minimalism, Scandinavian interior design ideas are a must to check out. Scandinavian interior design is an iteration of clean and timeless design that many look for to emulate in their homes, especially with HDB flats in Singapore.

With small living spaces in Singapore, utilising every square inch of your space without cluttering the home is very crucial to achieving a beautiful, cohesive and clean interior design that will continue to be trendy in time to come. Scandinavian interior design is popular for a variety of reasons: it is clean and simple, can be sophisticated with the right furniture choices, and is designed to play up natural light in the house.

Likewise, when it comes to furniture, it can be advantageous to have a look at our customisable pieces in person. Our experiential showroom gives you the chance to do so. It is hard to get the best fit for your home or office from purely viewing furniture online – the showroom is a great way to connect with our experts and ask all the questions you may have.

Looking for an experienced designer? Contact us for a free design consultation on Scandinavian interior design ideas and more in Singapore.