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Landed | $100, 000

Design Concept: The Carpentry


Creating a new design within the same fixture layout

A new home for the couples, who appreciate the quality of life after been through years of hustling. The only limitation that we faced were the already existing carpentry work. We are tasked to create a new design within the same fixture layout. 

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With that in mind, we use a lot of sand tones, different wood textures, and marble slab to customize their very own carpentry design to achieve a luxurious look and feel. We manage to connect all the unique elements into one and create consistency in this bungalow apartment. 

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Full height cabinet was installed to offer prime spaces for displaying homeowners cherish collectible.

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Lines were used at different carpentry work as part of the design to achieve a visual balance proportionately. Different shades of grey were used against the predominantly sand tone palette of the apartment for a touch of modern and classic vibe.

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