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Robin Regalia

Condo | 1200sqft

Design Concept: The Timeless Space


Limited space

With our house getting smaller, it is always finding more storage spaces and designing your home in perfect harmony the challenge designers faced. Our client’s priories were to optimize the internal space and create more storage. They had a clear design style that is modern, contemporary, timeless and uncluttered. They preferred an earthlier tone of darker wood color for a bespoke taste!

Robin Regalia condo Living Room

 A customized full height tv console was built for storage spaces as well as a feature wall in the living room. Leaving some open space design for your memorabilia and not cluttering the space.


The children’s bedroom was designed as a two-decker bed with a touch of modern industrial design. The study table was customized to connect to the bed on the lower deck to maximize space.


Lights were installed on the upper deck bed to allow enough lightings for the user on the study bed at ground level! It’s a multi-functional bedroom!


A raised platform was installed in the master bedroom for storage spaces. Under the bed, you will find plenty of storage space! Bedhead was specially designed to incorporate the love for darker wood texture! We used the same wood laminate across the flooring and bedhead to give a consistent look.

 What we love most was the round long window across the master bedroom! Throw in your beanbag and start lazing there with your favorite book or a hot cuppa tea!

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