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Belle Vue Residence

Condo | 2500sqft | $200,000

Design Concept: Algorithm

The clever use of groove lines will turn your eyes into a neat understated modern space!
It is achieved through discreet storage solutions that vanish from plain sight by Singa delicate carpentry work.

Algorithm’ is a concept developed after the discovery of our client interest in technology.
The concept evolves from:

1. Identifying client problem; not enough storage space

2. Solving client problem by designing hidden storage space via carpentry work.

Repetitive groove pattern lines were used to refine the area while not forgetting the need for storage.


The stylish bedroom feature wall is perfect for the sleek, techie!
Inspiration came from homeowners who are both heavily influenced by the advocate of technocracy!
The groove lines were cut to precise and embed in with stainless steel trimming to give the sleek effect.

Man Cave I

Storage spaces were tugged to the sides of the room to allow ample space for memorabilia and showcasing husband finest collection.

Man Cave II

Room is isolated from the rest of the unit to provide the husband’s personal space for his reads and work.

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